Heard they were talking about GrowDex

Heard they were talking about GrowDex at…

3D Cell Culture 2018 conference, Freiburg

Dr. Beate Rinner, Graz Medical University gave a podium presentation on “Establishing and Characterizing 3D tumor models” which stimulated much discussion in June.

AACR American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, Chicago

Dr Vilja Pietiäinen, Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland presented a super poster entitled “Precision Cancer Medicine Based on 3D Drug Profiling of Patient-Derived Cancer Cell Spheroid Model” in April.

CTREP Conference, Moscow

Professor Phil Stephens, Cardiff University, UK gave an enlightening podium presentation in April entitled “Fibroblasts: chronically bad but not so down in the mouth” which was well received.


An article by Flotow H. et al. on High Throughput Screening capable assays in 3D was published in Drug Target review 2018; Issue #1, Assays-In-Depth Focus.