FibDex - Natures protective barrier

FibDex® is an advanced wound care dressing designed for faster, more comfortable and effective patient treatment. FibDex is a single application self-detaching dressing which maintains an optimal moisture balance for improved healing and patient outcomes.

FibDex key benefits

  • Approved for the treatment of  split thickness skin graft donor sites.
  • Single application product
  • Apply to a viable, infection free wound bed
  • Only outer dressing change required
  • Minimises risk of infections and inflammation
  • Natural and biocompatible
  • No reported allergic reactions
  • Hydrogel layer provides comfort and cooling
  • Conforms to wound site
  • Provides improved scar quality
  • Ease to cut wet or dry
  • Can be shaped to fit wound area
  • No surgical removal required
  • Detaches when epithelialisation

FibDex® – proven technology

Clinical studies using FibDex® and a leading polylactic
acid copolymer as a comparative dressing reported that:

  • FibDex® gave significant improvement in elasticity of
    the scar and POSAS results for scar appearance.
  • FibDex® healed the wounds with equivalent efficiently,
    healing time and level of epithelialisation


Image showing patient on the Post Operative Day 27,
FibDex® was used in the area outlined in green (on left), and
control product was used in the area marked in black (on right).