Wood nanofibrillar cellulose as a material

Nanofibrillar cellulose (NFC) is an animal-free biomaterial made of sustainably grown birch trees and water. We have developed NFC for over 15 years, and together with our partners we have generated over 400 patents to protect the already existing and future applications.

NFC is a biocompatible material that has great properties, such as, scalability, reproducibility, and temperature stability. It is currently available as a hydrogel, dressing, and freeze-dried material.

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Life Science applications

Our products for research use consist of GrowDex® hydrogelsGrowDase™ enzyme, and GrowInk® bioinks. The properties of the raw material, birch nanocellulose, used in the products enables a wide range of application areas with different cell and organoid types.

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Clinical applications

UPM's natural biocompatible hydrogels and wound dressings are free from animal-derived components making them ideally suited to serve as a biomaterial in wound care, cell therapy and tissue engineering applications.

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For pharmaceutical companies

Our animal-free GrowDex hydrogels are a proven solution for HTS/HCS. Gain better and more comparable long-term results with these temperature stable hydrogels and improve reproducibility and cost-efficiency of high-throughput and high-content screening with GrowDex hydrogels. GrowDex hydrogels mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM), enabling more in vivo -like culture conditions. With our matrices, the end-point analysis is robust and accurate. We have over 150 optimized cell culture protocols for cell lines, primary cells and stem cells, so you can focus on analyzing your cells without challenging optimization steps.

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For academic research

UPM Biomedicals product portfolio for academic research consists of GrowDex® hydrogels used for 3D cell culture and GrowInk® bioinks used for 3D bioprinting. Our products have been used in various applications and publications, and our technical support pages help you get easily started with using our products. The products can be bought straight from our webshop, allowing you to get started with your assays or bioprinting application quickly.

  • GrowDex® hydrogels are easy to use and animal free. They provide consistent results and support cell growth and differentiation.
  • GrowInk® bioinks can be diluted and mixed directly with cells for bioprinting applications.

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For distributors & OEMs

We believe that advanced regenerative medicine applications require biomaterials that can be used throughout research, product development, regulatory approval, and finally clinical phases. In our biomaterials, you can store, expand, and differentiate demanding cells ranging from patient derived cells to stem cells and finally apply them for patient use in the same biomaterial. This is why we have developed our range of wood-derived nanocellulose based biomaterials that will allow you and your customers to advance your work from labs to clinics and take your solutions from cell to therapy. 


We work closely together with our distributors and OEM partners. We currently have three product lines: GrowDex® hydrogel range for 3D cell culture, GrowInk® bioinks for 3D bioprinting, and FibDex® wound dressing.

In addition to our existing products and application areas, we offer our biomaterial as an OEM material. Some of the potential application areas of the material are: 3D bioprinting, flow cytometry, in vitro cell culture, wound care, bioprocessing, fillers and implants, drug delivery, regenerative medicine, preservation agent for extended in vivo activity of APIs, and more.

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