UPM Biomedicals is the forerunner in producing high quality nanofibrillar cellulose for medical and life science applications. More than 400 patents protect the existing and future products that rely on the Finnish birch pulp. We actively collaborate with universities, research centers and key industrial partners on future innovations and products in the field of high throughput drug screening, personalized medicine, advanced cell therapies, 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering and advanced wound care.

More than
20 years
of nanocellulose research
Medical device

A novel animal-free biomaterial based on birch nanocellulose


Produced from sustainable sources.

Cellulose is part of daily products. UPM Biomedicals refines cellulose into high quality nanocellulose for biomedical applications.


Manufactured in large amounts in reproducible lots: Strict physical and biological quality controls.

Biocompatible. Extensively used for growing cells in research applications like 3D cell culture. Also used for clinical applications for patient treatment.


Available as shear-thinning non-degradable 3D printable hydrogel or a coated sheet.


Centered around solutions for our customers


We are part of UPM, the Biofore Company

UPM creates value from renewable and recyclable materials. In 2023, UPM’s sales were approximately EUR 10.5 billion. UPM has production plants in 10 countries and a global sales network. UPM employs approximately 16,600 employees worldwide. UPM shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange. At the end of 2023, UPM had approximately 140,700 shareholders.

10.5 billion
100 years
in stock exchange