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UPM Biomedicals is a leader in sustainable bio-based products, providing innovative tools and technology to Life Science and Clinical professionals to advance healthcare globally.  Our products prepared from Birch wood pulp have been proven to be highly biocompatible with human cells and tissues.  Current products include; GrowDex® hydrogel range for 3D cell culture with >150 assay protocols available, and GrowInk™ bioink range for 3D bioprinting suitable for use with any printer for applications such as tissue engineering. Our latest innovation FibDex® is an advanced one-time application wound dressing designed for efficient healing, patient comfort providing improved vascularity and skin quality.

We are part of UPM – The Biofore company.

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Advancing bio-innovations from renewable resources

Our patented 3D hydrogel technology is used in a wide range of biomedical applications.

1. Tree

2. Logs

3. Fibres

Nature has provided the perfect source of raw materials from which we have developed our ready to use room temperature stable products for the biomedical area.

Pulp fibres processed to nanoscale diameter can be easily modified into various forms, such as hydrogels, films and aerogels. These physical and mechanical properties have made nanofibrillar cellulose (NFC) useful as a drug and cell carrier, cell scaffold and composite material. Furthermore, the potential of NFC for wound treatment applications has also been demonstrated.


Our products utilizes these unique characteristics of nanofibrillar cellulose.

Biocompatibility, high hydrophilic potential and the nanocellulose fibre scaffold provide cells with an environment that mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM) supporting cell growth and differentiation. High water content ensures easy diffusion of nutrients and metabolites and allows our products ton be mixed easily with cells, media or drugs.

Shear thinning properties ensures easy dispensing for HTS assays, 3D printing or injection for drug release or organ-on-a-chip models.

Controllable mechanical properties ensures that the hydrogels are suitable for a wide range of cells, tissues and applications.


Commitment to sustainability

Well-maintained commercial forests act as a carbon sink to help mitigate the effects of climate change and provide renewable resources. We source raw material from sustainably-managed forests with legal logging operations and replant all harvested areas to uphold biodiversity. To take the new steps towards a future beyond fossils, we actively expand and accelerate the use of renewable resources to replace fossil raw materials and advance bio-innovations.