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For Life Science

Naturally sourced products offering an animal free matrix for 3D cell culture and 3D printing applications.


GrowDex® Hydrogel Range

Our bio-friendly hydrogels are extracted from Birch wood which is sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. At UPM we are truly committed to the use of renewable materials in our products, planting 100 trees every minute that’s 50 million per year.

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GrowDase Cell Recovery Enzyme

A simple and efficient one step process allows easy recovery of 3D cell structures such as spheroids, organoid or biopsies  from GrowDex with no impact on cell viability or functionality. Liberated cells can be used directly in gene or protein expression studies or for future experiments.

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GrowInk Bioink Range

GrowInk Bioinks are a range of  ready-to-use hydrogels that can be mixed directly with cells for bioprinting applications. The two main components in GrowInks are nanofibrillar cellulose and water, providing a fully defined matrix which can be customised by the addition of molecules, such as growth factors or adhesion proteins as you would like.

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