Life Science Applications

We offer versatile products that can be used in various life science applications, such as high throughput screening, 3D bioprinting, drug delivery, organoid research, and more.


High-Throughput Screening

With GrowDex hydrogels you can work through your entire HTS/HCS workflow form setting up your assays, screening your compounds, analysing your cells and moving to downstream processes, with high biological predictability and reproducibility, while saving time and costs. 

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3D Bioprinting and tissue engineering

3D printing and cell encapsulation techniques drive advances being made in tissue engineering today.  A microenvironment that supports cell viability and differentiation whilst retaining structural integrity is essential. Additionally, a hydrogel suitable for tissue engineering also needs shear thinning properties for easy printing, high water content for nutrient and drug diffusion and control of the mechanical properties.  Our gels fulfil these requirements providing a supportive matrix to study cell-cell interaction, migration, wound healing and drug impact.

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Stem Cells

GrowDex® - Animal free matrix for your 3D stem cell culture - from bench to bedside.

Provide an animal free, clean and flexible 3D environment for your stem cells, allowing you to take complete control.

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Robust neuronal organoid assays with GrowDex®

Animal free GrowDex hydrogels mimic the native soft tissue ECM providing the neural cells more in vivo -like 3D growth environment, creating in vitro platforms that can be used to investigate specific functions and conditions at both the single cells- and network-levels.

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