Conference venue

This year's conference will be hosted in Ravintola Sipuli's larger venue space, Talvipuutarha. Ravintola Sipuli is located within a walking distance (approximately 1,3 km / 0,8 miles) from the Helsinki city center.

You may arrive at the venue easily by utilizing the public transport provider HSL, taxis, walking, by bike or with your own personal vehicle. More info on the travel options below. Parking near the venue cannot be confirmed by UPM Biomedicals.

Address of Ravintola Sipuli: Kanavaranta 7, 00170 Helsinki



As the capital of Finland, Helsinki offers various accommodation opportunities. We recommend booking near the venue. Some recommendations can be found below.

All Scandic hotels near the venue



Travel to and in Helsinki


When travelling to Helsinki by air, you will arrive at the international Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. From the airport you may utilize either public transport, a personal vehicle or a taxi to reach your accommodation in Helsinki. More information on public transport options can be found below under their respective headers.

If utilizing a taxi service, there are multiple operators to choose from. You can either book your taxi beforehand by phone or mobile apps (see Taksi Helsinki for example, +358 100 0700). The prices from the airport to Helsinki city center range from 30€ to 50€, depending on the amount of people and the endpoint.

Train / Metro / Tram

Due to geographical restrictions, Helsinki is currently unreachable by train from abroad. Trains, trams and the Helsinki metro are, on the other hand, excellent options to manouver around the capital region.

Regardless of how you arrive in Helsinki, you can utilize one of the three to reach the city center, your accommodation or the conference venue. Train is one of the most convenient methods to reach the Helsinki-Vantaa airport from the city center, while the trams and metro can get you around the city and its surrounding areas in no time.

The trains, metro, trams and buses all share a common ticket which you can use during your visit. The tickets are available to purchase for singular trips or as multi-day tickets from the Helsinki's public transportation operator, HSL. Read more about the public transportation options, prices and purchase methods from HSL website.


Highly similar to the other public transportation methods, buses are a valid option to move around the capital region. As mentioned, the buses can be used with the same HSL-ticket as the rest of the public transportation methods.

If you arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and would like to reach the city center by bus, you can catch the bus route 600 which operates between the two locations. The tickets can be purchased online on the HSL mobile app or at the ticket machines at the airport and the bus station.