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UPM Biomedicals 9th Annual Conference

Hosted by UPM Biomedicals

UPM Biomedicals 9th Annual Conference: Towards standardization of spheroids & organoids

31 OCTOBER 2023 | 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM UTC +2

We would like to invite you, esteemed researchers, industry pioneers, and valued partners, to join our 9th Annual UPM Biomedicals Conference. This year's conference will be hosted as a hybrid event from Helsinki, Finland on the 31st of October, 2023 and is sponsored by SLAS organisation.
Join us for this conference where experts delve into four groundbreaking topics:  

  • Quality of Organoids: Discover how researchers measure organoid quality and select optimal models for research.

  • 3D Cell Toxicology Models: Explore the significance of 3D cell toxicology models in drug screening.

  • Human-Centric Research - Embracing Animal-Free Solutions: Understand the shift from animal based research practices to animal free ones and the superiority of organoid models over animal models.

  • Cost-Effectiveness of 3D Models: Learn about creating cost-effective 3D models, paving the way for affordable and accessible biomedical advancements.

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Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of transformative discussions and connect with industry pioneers. The conference is free of charge. After the conference there is a poster session for on-site participants. There is a limit of how many people can register on-site so secure your spot today.


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Are you interested in showcasing your research at the conference? We have reserved a special space for research posters, offering you the opportunity to share your work during and after the main program. Your posters will also be prominently featured on our website.

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  • File format: High-resolution PDF (300dpi) for online viewing

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