Advanced wound care innovations from Finland

Thu, March 25, 2021 13.00-17.00 EET


Join the free online event where wound care experts gather to present and discuss the latest innovations.

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25.3.2021 13-17

13:00 Opening the webinar/Invest in Finland
Tarja Enala, Senior Advisor, Health and Wellbeing, Invest in Finland, Business Finland

13:20 From wood to wound
Johana Kuncova-Kallio, Director, UPM Biomedicals

13:40 FibDex in clinical use
Jyrki Vuola, Head Physician of HUS Burn Center

14:00 From nanofibrillar cellulose to a wound care product
Raili Koivuniemi, PhD, Helsinki University

14:20 Centralized multiprofessional collaboration in wound care
Ilkka Kaartinen, Adjunct Professor, Plastic surgeon, TAYS Wound Center


14:50 Diabetic foot and wound care: are we barking up the right tree?
Päivi Paldanius, PhD, Clinical Researcher, Childrens Hospital Helsinki

15:10 Is effective wound care possible? Podiatry services in Finnish health care
Jaana Huhtanen, Chiropodist, Finnish Diabetes Association

15:30 Eyes beneath the dressings
Mikko Vesa, CEO, CutoSense


15:55 New bioactive wound care product – Everfill
Timo Ylikomi, CSO/Professor, EverFill Oy/Tampere University

16:15 Harnessing blood potential for wound care
Saara Laitinen, R&D Manager, Finnish Red Cross Bloodservice

16:35 An R&D Journey — Development of a Novel Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device
Kristo Nuutila, Principal Research Scientist, US Army

16:55 Tissue Cure Alliance
Andreas Slama, Coordinator, Tissue Cure Alliance


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