Thank you for participating in the seminar. In case you missed the event or would like to watch the presentations by wound care experts again the recordings can be found from the link below.

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25.3.2021 13-17

13:00 Opening the webinar/Invest in Finland
Tarja Enala, Senior Advisor, Health and Wellbeing, Invest in Finland, Business Finland

13:20 From wood to wound
Johana Kuncova-Kallio, Director, UPM Biomedicals

13:40 FibDex in clinical use
Jyrki Vuola, Head Physician of HUS Burn Center

14:00 From nanofibrillar cellulose to a wound care product
Raili Koivuniemi, PhD, Helsinki University

14:20 Centralized multiprofessional collaboration in wound care
Ilkka Kaartinen, Adjunct Professor, Plastic surgeon, TAYS Wound Center


14:50 Diabetic foot and wound care: are we barking up the right tree?
Päivi Paldanius, PhD, Clinical Researcher, Childrens Hospital Helsinki

15:10 Is effective wound care possible? Podiatry services in Finnish health care
Jaana Huhtanen, Chiropodist, Finnish Diabetes Association

15:30 Eyes beneath the dressings
Mikko Vesa, CEO, CutoSense


15:55 New bioactive wound care product – Everfill
Timo Ylikomi, CSO/Professor, EverFill Oy/Tampere University

16:15 Harnessing blood potential for wound care
Saara Laitinen, R&D Manager, Finnish Red Cross Bloodservice

16:35 An R&D Journey — Development of a Novel Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device
Kristo Nuutila, Principal Research Scientist, US Army

16:55 Tissue Cure Alliance
Andreas Slama, Coordinator, Tissue Cure Alliance