FibDex® – natural wound healing

Sustainable wood-based nanocellulose wound dressing for natural wound healing


What is FibDex?

CE-marked FibDex wound dressing (NB0044) has been designed to improve efficiency of wound treatment by offering superior performance and improved healing results. Intended use for FibDex is skin graft donor site wounds. FibDex nanocellulose wound dressing is a one-time application, which maintains an optimal moisture balance for wound healing and detaches itself from the wound after epithelization.

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Proven technology 

Using UPM’s patented technology, FibDex contributes to the healing process. Innovation has been developed together with Finnish researchers and health care personnel. Made from natural materials, FibDex is porous, breathable and highly biocompatible with cells and tissues.

Clinical studies 1,2 using FibDex reported that: 

  • FibDex gave significant improvement in elasticity of the scar and POSAS results for scar appearance
  • Fibdex healed the wounds with equivalent efficiently, healing time and level of epithelization
  • FibDex dressing facilitates low pain experience
  • Nanocellulose originates from nature, FibDex offers sustainable choice without animal or human-origin components


  1. Nanofibrillar cellulose wound dressing in skin graft donor site treatment. hakkarainen et al., Journal of Controlled release 244 (2016) 292-301 (2016). Read more »
  2. Clinical Study of Nanofibrillar Cellulose Hydrogel Dressing for Skin Graft Donor Site Treatment. Koivuniemi et al. ADVANCES IN WOUND CARE, Published online: 4 June 2019. Read more »

Features and benefits of FibDex wound dressing



For wound for healing

  • Maintain optimal moisture level for healing
  • Good biocompatibility
  • As one-time application, avoid further trauma
  • Protect the wound


For hospital / HCP

  • One-time application, no dressing changes
  • Save time and resources, savings to health care provider
  • Easy to use, no surgical removal needed
  • Can be stored in room temperature


For patient

  • Improved scar quality and skin elasticity
  • Being applied once, avoids additional pain during dressing changes
  • Comfortable and soothing
  • No reported allergic reactions

How to use FibDex?

Choose the right size dressing and ensure that the dressing extends beyond the edges of the wound by at least 1.0cm.

Moisten FibDex in sterile 0,9% saline for 10 to 20 seconds.

Apply to viable infection-free wound bed, secure in place with e.g. surgical staples if needed, and cover with a secondary dressing specified in the instructions for use.

FibDex is one time application dressing, no dressing changes are needed. Dressing detaches itself after wound has healed.

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FibDex sales units

Product code Size Pcs/box
FD101001 10x10cm 1
FD101005 10x10cm 5
FD152001 15x20cm 1
FD152005 15x20cm 5
FD203001 20x30cm 1
FD203005 20x30cm 5


FibDex is manufactured from renewable and responsibly sourced Finnish birch wood.

Nanocellulose is a natural choice for wound healing that does not contain any animal or human origin components.

As a one-time dressing, FibDex also reduces environmental load in terms of amount of waste in hospitals.

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How to buy FibDex?


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