GrowInk Bioinks for 3D printing

GrowInks are animal free, biocompatible, ready-to-use hydrogels that can be mixed directly with cells for bioprinting applications. The two main components in GrowInks are nanofibrillar cellulose and water, providing you with a fully defined matrix. The matrix can be customised by the addition of molecules, such as growth factors or adhesion proteins, as needed by your specific cells.  

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GrowDex® Hydrogels

Natural ready to use hydrogels are the next generation solution for reproducible and scalable animal-free 3D cell culture applications providing convenience and consistent results.

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FibDex® Wound Dressing

FibDex is an advanced wound care dressing designed for faster, more comfortable and effective patient treatment. Single application self-detaching dressing maintains an optimal moisture balance for improved healing and patient outcomes.

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What does shear thinning mean?

UPM nanocellulose hydrogel is a temperature stable gel with shear thinning properties: its viscosity decreases under shear strain and it recovers back to its semisolid state when the applied stress is removed, enabling it to be used in various ways.

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GrowDex Quickstart Guide

GrowDex Quickstart Guide – Three easy steps to setup and succeed with your GrowDex assay.


GrowDex Instructions of use

The use of GrowDex for 3D culture - Dilute, mix cells and plate´


Automatic dispensing of GrowDex with Thermo Scientific Multidrop

Automated dispensing of GrowDex to 96- and 384-well plates with ThermoFisher Multidrop.


Automatic dispensing of GrowDex with Eppendorf EpMotion


Automatic dispensing of GrowDex hydrogel into 384-well plate


Non-Contact Dispensing of GrowDex Hydrogel

Demonstration of GrowDex® printing by non-contact dispensing
Protocol details: GrowDex® 0.25% (UPM, Finland)


Automated dispensing and medium change of GrowDex 3D cel cultures with Tecan Fluent 780


GrowDex-T Instructions for Use

The use of GrowDex-T for 3D cell culture on 96-well plate: Dilute, mix cells and plate.


UPM GrowDex - biomedical innovation and climate action from sustainably managed forests

Climate change can be addressed in hundreds of ways: UPM's climate approach is built on sustainable forestry, resource efficient production and most of all responsible and renewable products made of wood fibres. We see that any step we take in any of these areas can be a remarkable climate action. This time we introduce UPM GrowDex, a unique nanofibrilar cellulose hydrogel for 3D cell culturing and other biomedical applications. It is a great example of UPM's Biofore Beyond Fossils commitment and showcases our ultimate goal to replace fossil-based materials whenever possible.


GrowDex – The cellulose based hydrogel for 3D cell culture

GrowDex is an animal-free, biocompatible and ready to use hydrogel that physically mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM). This bio-friendly and flexible innovation has been shown to support a variety of cell types cultured in 3D with consistent results. 


Automated dispensing of GrowDex and GrowDex-T with Gyger's CertusFlex.