GrowDex Quickstart Guide

GrowDex Quickstart Guide – Three easy steps to setup and succeed with your GrowDex assay.


GrowDex Instructions of use

The use of GrowDex for 3D culture - Dilute, mix cells and plate´


Automatic dispensing of GrowDex with Thermo Scientific Multidrop

Automated dispensing of GrowDex to 96- and 384-well plates with ThermoFisher Multidrop.


Automatic dispensing of GrowDex with Eppendorf EpMotion


Automatic dispensing of GrowDex hydrogel into 384-well plate


Non-Contact Dispensing of GrowDex Hydrogel

Demonstration of GrowDex® printing by non-contact dispensing
Protocol details: GrowDex® 0.25% (UPM, Finland)