GrowDex® Customer Testimonials


“GrowDex hydrogels can be dispensed using the Certus Flex enabling excellent accuracy and reproducibility. The unique shear-thinning properties and temperature stability of GrowDex hydrogels make them ideal for high throughput applications. As the matrix stiffness of your experimental setup is crucial to cell growth, the Certus Flex can dispense different concentrations of GrowDex resulting in different densities of the final scaffold. Depending on your procedures, GrowDex allows both consecutive addition of all components (media & GrowDex and then cells in an on top layer -all simultaneously) or dispensing as premixed homogenous suspension. GrowDex hydrogels are optimally dispensed using the Certus Flex”

-Fritz Gyger AG




“We tested using GrowDex as an alternative for animal derived extracellular matrices in cell based 3D high-throughput drug screening (HTS). The results demonstrated that GrowDex is compatible for use in large-scale 3D drug screens and supports long-term culture of primary patient derived tumor cell cultures.”

Juha K. Rantala, Ph.D., CEO, Principal Investigator at Misvik Biology




“Animal models present certain limitations when studying impact of chemicals on the placenta. I believe that this is where GrowDex can play a really big role since preliminary data from our laboratory suggest that when human placental cells growing on 3D, they become hormonally active and recreate a much more relevant endocrine milieu to humans.”

Dr Emmanouil Karteris, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Cellular Endocrinology
Brunel University London, Uxbridge, United Kingdom