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Part 12. GrowDex® and spheroONE for automated and reproducible 3D cell culture workflows

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3D Cell Culture – Meet The Expert Webinar | Part 12


This work demonstrates the compatibility of spheroONE and GrowDex® to automate 3D cell culture workflows. spheroONE is a nanoliter dispenser enabling sorting and isolation of spheroids and organoids. GrowDex® is a plant-derived nanofibrillar cellulose (NFC) hydrogel that provides an effective 3D matrix for culturing various cell types. In this work, it was demonstrated that bulk samples of HepG2 spheroids could be seamlessly grown from single HepG2 cell seeded in this nanofibrillar cellulose matrix. Subsequently, spheroONE could be used to automate dispensing of GrowDex® into microplates prior to sorting, isolation and embedding of single HepG2 spheroids per well to prepare highly reproducible assay-ready microplates for subsequent screening applications.

Webinar includes a Q&A session


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