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FibDex® – natural wound healing

Come and let's discuss about FibDex at the booth B70 with Kaija and Achim!

Explore the features and benefits of FibDex wound dressing:

For wound for healing                   

It maintains an optimal moisture level for healing and has good biocompatibility. It is applied only once, avoiding further trauma to protect the wound.

For hospital / HCP

One-time application, no dressing changes. Saves time and resources, providing savings to the healthcare provider. Easy to use, no surgical removal needed. Can be stored at room temperature.

For patient

Improved scar quality and skin elasticity. Applied only once, avoiding additional pain during dressing changes. Comfortable and soothing. No reported allergic reactions.


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Kaija Ojala

Kaija Ojala

Business Development Manager, Clinical firstname.lastname@upm.com Tel. +358 (0)204 15 111
Achim Hajdamowicz

Achim Hajdamowicz

Clinical Sales Manager, DACH firstname.lastname@upm.com Tel. +358 (0)204 15 111