Vision for 3D Bioprinting from 3D cells to therapy


Primary Human Hepatocyte 3D cultures for in vitro applications within drug discovery and development



Presenter: Erik Gatenholm, Cellink/BICO | UPM Biomedicals 7th Annual Conference, 2021

Erik Gatenholm, MBA, is a dynamic American/Swedish entrepreneur who is leveraging his passion for life sciences to change the future of medicine. Gatenholm is the co-founder and CEO of CELLINK – the world’s leading bioconvergence company – where he and his team created the first universal bioprinting technology in 2016. Today, CELLINK designs state-of-the-art life science technologies to support world-renowned research institutions in over 2000 labs across more than 65 countries. CELLINK’s current customers include esteemed organizations like Harvard, MIT, Johnson & Johnson, Merck and the FDA.

At 28 years old, Gatenholm has been recognized worldwide for his work as an entrepreneur and for the rising success of CELLINK, the leading bioconvergence company in the world. His tireless spirit quickly distinguished CELLINK in the field and led him to become the face of the entire 3D-bioprinting industry. Honoring his groundbreaking success, prodigious talent and innovative ambitions, Forbes selected Gatenholm among hundreds of thousands of nominees to join the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 class of 2018.