GrowInk Bioinks for 3D printing

Patented by CELLINK and UPM-Kymmene Corporation.

GrowInks are animal free, biocompatible, ready-to-use hydrogels that can be mixed directly with cells for bioprinting applications. The two main components in GrowInks are nanofibrillar cellulose and water, providing you with a fully defined matrix. The matrix can be customised by the addition of molecules, such as growth factors or adhesion proteins, as needed by your specific cells.  


Convenient and customisable

GrowInks mimic the in vivo environment supporting cell growth and differentiation. Over 150 different cell types have been cultured in nanofibrillar cellulose. They can easily be diluted to provide a wide range of stiffnesses that can be matched to the requirements of your cells. GrowInks are room temperature stable and can be used with or without a crosslinking agent depending on your application, but all enable cell printing layer-by-layer with high-precision cell positioning.

GrowInks are available in three different versions:

  • GrowInk-N - natural opaque bioink made of pure nanofibrillar cellulose.
  • GrowInk-T - transparent, anionic nanofibrillar cellulose bioink for advanced applications. GrowInk -T can be optionally cross-linked to harden the printed structures.
  • GrowInk-ALG - nanofibrillar cellulose based bioink with alginate that can be cross-linked.

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