GrowDex®-T is a ready to use hydrogel that has been specifically developed to offer superior imaging properties, but without compromising on any of the advantages of our original hydrogel GrowDex.

GrowDex-T can be mixed directly with cells and culture media, no gelation or cross-linking step required. Ambient handling and shear thinning properties of GrowDex-T enable easy dispensing and use in automated systems.

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Customer testimonials


Temperature stable GrowDex-T in HTS

“We used GrowDex and GrowDex-T to establish HTS methodology for hepatocellular carcinoma organoids. Major advantages of the GrowDex-T for us were the ease of handling at room temperature using a Gyger Certus Flex, and the fact that it is an animal-free product. Our organoids showed the same morphology as well as treatment response when compared to the standard hydrogel HTS assay.”

Tijmen Booij and Lola Fäs – ETH Zürich - NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies



GrowDex-T in transplanting stem cells

“We have been using GrowDex-T in transplanting stem cells to the inner allowing them to extend to neurites. GrowDex-T works well in our application, as the material is easy to handle, injectable and we can adjust the stiffness of the matrix to match our cell type. Another great thing about GrowDex-T is that it is compatible with other nanobiomaterials, such as PODS-delivery systems.”

Akihiro J. Matsuoka, M.D., DMSc, Ph.D., FACS, Director, Audiology, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery


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