GrowDex®-A is a ready to use, transparent hydrogel that has been specifically developed to bind different biotinylated molecules, whose presence may enhance cell culture conditions for specific 3D applications.

GrowDex-A consists of avidin conjugated nanofibrillar cellulose which can be customised by binding different biotinylated molecules e.g. proteins or peptides, to create a cell specific matrix.

Ambient handling and shear thinning properties of GrowDex-A enable easy dispensing and use in automated systems.

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Customer testimonials


Neutral extracellular matrix substrate

”I noticed the GrowDex family of products during one of my visits of the vendor space of a conference. It turned out to be a wonderfully neutral ECM substrate, devoid of the vagaries of some of the growth-factor and ligand-rich products in common use. It made me realize how much of cellular behavior can be governed by ECM factors and that we should question even very commonly accepted cell culture protocols. With the ability to easily functionalize GrowDex, it could be a welcome alternative to probe the effects of ECM-bound proteins and their impact on cellular differentiation, locomotion, and survival. ”

Jan M. Bruder, PhD, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine

Shear-thinning properties and temperature stability in HTS

“GrowDex hydrogels can be dispensed using the Certus Flex enabling excellent accuracy and reproducibility. The unique shear-thinning properties and temperature stability of GrowDex hydrogels make them ideal for high throughput applications. As the matrix stiffness of your experimental setup is crucial to cell growth, the Certus Flex can dispense different concentrations of GrowDex resulting in different densities of the final scaffold. Depending on your procedures, GrowDex allows both consecutive addition of all components (media & GrowDex and then cells in an on top layer -all simultaneously) or dispensing as premixed homogenous suspension. GrowDex hydrogels are optimally dispensed using the Certus Flex”

-Fritz Gyger AG


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