Part 6. 3D High-content imaging, image analysis and phenomics

Antti Hassinen is the head of FIMM-HCA unit. He has previously worked in the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine in University of Oulu and gained his PhD in the group of Adj Prof Sakari Kellokumpu in 2013 working in the field of glycobiology and Golgi homeostasis in cancer cells. In the work he gained experience in protein chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, cytometry and microscopy techniques as well as high throughput imaging. His work in FIMM-HCA is focused on providing open access high-throughput microscopy services to academic and commercial customers and collaborators. One of the main research focuses is the development of 3D high-throughput microscopy for use in drug sensitivity and resistance testing in close collaboration with the HTB FIMM unit.

Presenter: Antti Hassinen, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland

  • Sample treatment of 3D cell cultures for high-content microscopy
  • 3D Image analysis of cells and organoids
  • Drug sensitivity and resistance testing with imaging readouts

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