Part 4. Human neuronal cells and 3D culturing | Meet the experts webinar part 4

Susanna Narkilahti received Master degree in biochemistry from University of Oulu in 2000 and PhD in Neurobiology from University of Kuopio in 2005 and Adjunct Professor status in Stem cells and Tissue Engineering from University of Tampere in 2010. She initiated the NeuroGroup in 2006 and has thereafter been group leader. SN has extensive and internationally acknowledged knowhow in neurologic field including epilepsy research and pluripotent stem cell applications. She has participated several national and international projects and currently is leader of Academy of Finland Modular platform for epilepsy modeling in vitro (MEMO) consortium project and PI in Academy of Finland, Centre of Excellence in Body-On-Chip Research. In Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, she is a leader of two core facilities; BMT Imaging Core and BMT Electrophysiology Core. The research of SN has focused on human pluripotent stem cells and in vitro modeling and her main interest/activities are: production and characterization of human pluripotent stem cell derived neural cells, controlled/guided 2D and 3D cultures, disease modeling, in vitro modeling, functionality of neuronal networks in vitro, and data analysis.

Human neuronal cells and 3D culturing

  • 3D neuronal cell cultures, relevance compared to brain organoids,
  • Challenges of 3D neuronal cultures
  • Future aspects towards multiorgan cultures

Presenter: Susanna Narkilahti, Adj. Prof, NeuroGroup, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere



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