Part 10. Organ-on-Chip Technology

Hanna Vuorenpää
Hanna Vuorenpää is working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Adult Stem Cell Group in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University. She is responsible for establishment of functional vasculature in different Organ-on-Chip models. Currently, she focuses in development of vascularized white adipose tissue model to study obesity and its related disorders in Prof. Susanna Miettinen´s group. In 2016, Hanna Vuorenpää received her PhD in the Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods (currently FHAIVE) in Tampere University. She is experienced in development and validation of in vitro models in replacing animal experiments.

The following topics are discussed in the webinar:

  • GrowDex in Organ-on-Chips
  • Organ-on-Chip technology in tissue engineering
  • Functional vascularization in tissue models

Presenter: Hanna Vuorenpää, Adult Stem Cell Group, Tampere University, Finland


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