FibDex® wound care dressing

FibDex® is an advanced wound care dressing designed for faster, more comfortable and effective patient treatment. FibDex is a single application self-detaching dressing which maintains an optimal moisture balance for improved healing and patient outcomes. Wound dressings or topical wound materials are perhaps one of best known clinical applications of nanocellulose materials. NFC is biocompatible, highly hydrophillic and has the ability to bind high levels of water.  These attributes can provide a favourable moist environment for the wound to heal itself. 

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Personalised medicine

Screening platforms utilising patient derived cells or tissues provides opportunity for customised drug treatment, the aim being a better long term prognosis for the patient. Collaboration with leading institutes such as FIMM, has seen our hydrogels successfully implemented in such screening regimes.  Being able to recover the cells post screening without damage enables gene and protein studies to be conducted providing further essential information.


3D Bioprinting and tissue engineering

3D printing and cell encapsulation techniques drive advances being made in tissue engineering today.  A microenvironment that supports cell viability and differentiation whilst retaining structural integrity is essential. Additionally, a hydrogel suitable for tissue engineering also needs shear thinning properties for easy printing, high water content for nutrient and drug diffusion and control of the mechanical properties.  Our gels fulfil these requirements providing a supportive matrix to study cell-cell interaction, migration, wound healing and drug impact.

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