GrowDex® - animal free hydrogels for life science research

The GrowDex product range consists of animal free hydrogels for life science applications. They are made from wood-derived nanofibrillar cellulose (NFC) and water.


Why to choose an animal-free matrix?

  • Free your 3D cell assays from foreign molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins). Foreign molecules bias to readouts and introduce unintended cell behavior.

  • GrowDex hydrogels have reproducible and quality-controlled lots. You don’t have to reserve and screen specific lots anymore, as there is no variation in the GrowDex matrix composition, unlike in animal or human based matrices.

  • NFC is clinically translatable and can be applied in future therapies (regenerative medicine, cell/gene therapy, implants). Our NFC is manufactured according to ISO 13485 Medical devices Quality management systems. Product biological safety has been evaluated according to ‘ISO 10993 - Biological evaluation of medical devices’: genotoxicity and cytotoxicity. In addition, skin irritation and skin sensitization of NFC have been tested in the context of clinically approved NFC based wound dressing, FibDex®.


GrowDex - A blank canvas

GrowDex hydrogels work as a blank canvas for you to customize cell culture conditions with media and growth factors. This allows you to retain control to yourself over ­­­culturing properties. GrowDex hydrogels have more than 150 optimized protocols for different cell types, including; Stem cells, Cancer cells, Co-cultures, Epithelial / fibroblast / endothelial, Neuronal cells and Liver cells.


GrowDex Quickstart Guide

GrowDex Quickstart Guide – Three easy steps to setup and succeed with your GrowDex assay.


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