With GrowDex, you can kickstart your stem cell cultures and research with a flexible 3D system, gaining complete control over your 3D stem cell culture environment, while directing cell fate as you wish.


Why change from 2D to 3D now?

In vitro culture expansion of stem cells is a necessary but costly step in 2D, to get enough cells for the intended application. Extraction of the stem cells from their endogenous niche and 2D in vitro culture expansion can lead to accumulation of chromosomal aberrations while prolonged 2D cultivation has been reported to lead to a loss of multipotency and premature cellular senescence in MSCs. 3D cell cultures produce more in vivo-like multicellular structures such as spheroids which cannot be obtained in 2D.

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To be or not to be animal free?

Animal derived cells (such as OP9 feeder layer cells) and extra cellular matrix molecules (such as Matrigel and collagen) have been widely used for the culture of stem cells. However, these have been notoriously difficult to use due to lot-to-lot variability, complex and unknown protein composition as well as inhibiting the translation of the cell culture system towards clinical application. There is a clear need for a well-defined tuneable scaffold ensuring consistent growth, differentiation and translatability for downstream applications.


Gain complete control over your stem cell culture.

It is important to consider the effect of the extracellular matrix and microenvironment on your cells or cellular derived products. If you are working with ESCs, iPSCs, MSCs or other stem cells, GrowDex® hydrogels can provide you with a 3D microenvironment to best suit your purposes.

GrowDex has been used for many different applications with stem cells, from culture expanding ESCs and iPSCs through to the use as a stem cell niche for the inner ear. The nanofibrillar cellulose provides structural support for cells allowing them to migrate through the gel, form spheroids or develop into complex organoids. Since there are no growth factors or other molecules within GrowDex, you have complete control over what is provided to your cells.


Expand and differentiate your stem cells with high yield and full control of the environment for advanced cell applications even aiming for 'in human' use.

More physiologically relevant morphology, gene expression and biological response.

Flexibility to study cellular organization, cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interactions.


Guide to set-up your stem cell assay

Let us help you to set-up your stem cell assay with GrowDex. Download the guide now for easy assay set-up and ready-made protocols.


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