High Throughput Screening (HTS)


Animal-free GrowDex® hydrogels are a proven solution for high throughput (HTS) and high content screening (HCS) in 3D cell culture assays.

  • Establish automated 3D High Throughput and High Content Screening assays with high-precision and speed in room temperature in 96-, 384- and 1536-well formats.

  • Stop worrying about temperature control, clogging pipette tips or unexpected polymerization of the matrix.

  • Avoid challenging optimization steps and focus on analyzing your cells. End-point analysis is robust and accurate as the matrices are not auto-fluorescent.



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How to reduce cost and time by setting up reproducible HTS/HCS with 3D cell culture models?

HTS and HCS assays are used for cost-efficient and rapid identification of lead compounds in drug discovery.

Researchers, however, often face certain challenges in HTS/HCS when using animal derived matrices. We wanted to provide you a free guide showing you detailed examples (including comparative cost figures) on how common issues with animal-derived matrices can be solved by using our animal-free hydrogel GrowDex.

GrowDex hydrogels have quality-controlled manufacturing process without lot-to-lot variability and they are liquid dispensing compatible in room temperature.




Solve the common issues faced with animal derived materials in HTS


Read more about the issues seen in HTS/HCS when using animal-derived matrices and how they can be solved cost-efficiently with animal-free GrowDex. Or contact us if you want to test our product.

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Features and benefits of GrowDex hydrogels



Tune the microenvironment to suit your cells. The optimal stiffness is achieved by dilution with cell culture medium, and the culturing matrix can be customized easily by simply adding components such as growth factors or proteins directly to the gel.

Microscope and high throughput compatible

GrowDex hydrogels do not have auto-fluorescence so imaging with any microscope or high content imaging system is simple.The ambient handling of the hydrogels makes them ideal for high throughput assays.

One-step cell recovery

Cells and organoids can be recovered from GrowDex with a gentle one-step enzymatic process with our GrowDase without affecting the cells.


High throughput screening and high content screening in drug discovery

In drug development, HTS and HCS enable hit-to-lead identification and setting up dose-response curves, by utilizing automation robotics, image-based data analysis and liquid handling devices that together help quickly to screen large chemical compound libraries. These tests are typically conducted on 96-, 384- or 1536-well microplates.

HTS/HCS assays generate large data sets that help to identify the right compounds to modulate a particular biomolecular pathway. High-quality data sets provide the starting point for the target identification in the drug discovery process. That is why, it is important to choose the right high-quality cell-based assays for further assay development and biochemical compound testing.

GrowDex hydrogels' natural and animal-free features as well as the quality control manufacturing process supports reproducible assays without lot-to-lot variability. These make GrowDex hydrogels especially fitting for large-scale high throughput and high content screening assays in microtiter plates.

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